Longplay x Red Clay Hot Sauce

From 0 to 34%+ of revenue from email marketing in 60 days

See how we helped a hot sauce company launch their email marketing channel to generate 30%+ of revenue consistently.


Red Clay Hot Sauce continuously generated 30% over their revenue from email

Red Clay Hot Sauce crafts high-quality, hand-crafted South Carolina hot sauces & honeys bringing the flavors of the south to your mouth! 

Red Clay had recently launched with a lean internal team and no email marketing set up. They needed a team that could build and grow their email marketing into a consistent revenue-generating channel with little internal resources needed. Their brand voice and design style were also critical to differentiating themselves in the market and needed a team that would effectively convey that through email. 

"After working with Longplay for 60 days, Red Clay Hot Sauce continuously generated over 30% of their revenue from email. 
First and foremost, the Longplay team is incredible to work with. They’ve helped us navigate and execute strategic pivots, from new product launches to last-minute promotions, and we felt supported in each step of the way. From strategy to creative, they provided top-quality service. But on top of that, the revenue we gained from our partnership Longplay speaks for itself. In just 60 days we saw an over 30% increase in business revenue from our email marketing efforts. By opening up and optimizing this channel, they’ve helped us build a list of loyal fans and engaged new customers!"
Molly Fienning, Founder/CEO, Red Clay Hot Sauce

% of revenue from email:

Month 1: 29% 

Month 2: 34% 

Month 3: 32% 

Month 4: 40% 

Month 5: 40% 

Month 6: 40% 

How We Did It


We started by building an email marketing calendar for Red Clay based on events such as National Oyster Day, promotions around specific products, and new product launches. Since the team was relatively lean, we decided to launch content emails once we’d already generated significant revenue from email through flows and marketing campaigns so it would be a higher ROI, sustainable strategy. 


Prior to working with Longplay, Red Clay had no flows set up. One of the email marketing goals, beyond generating revenue, is to help our clients maximize the ROI they get from their advertising spend and allow them to scale more profitably. 

Strong awareness flows increased the conversion rate of email leads into customers, meaning the value of each visitor to the Red Clay site is higher. Strong customer nurture & retention flows increased the repeat purchase rate and customer lifetime value which allowed their ads team to scale and operate more profitably with a higher acquisition cost. 

Awareness Flows: Welcome Flow, Abandoned Cart, Discount Offer  


  • Increase the value of an email lead
  • Reduce average time to conversion of a new lead
  • Increase overall conversion rate 

The Welcome Flow educated new leads on what makes Red Clay unique & how to incorporate their flavors into their day-to-day recipes to convert more leads into customers. The Abandoned Cart Flow provided urgency and helped overcome buyer objections to increase the conversion rate of high buyer-intent customers. Lastly, since Red Clay is a premium brand, we limited the number of discounts to the Discount Offer flow which only targets customers who have been nurtured. 

Together, these flows allowed us to improve the $/lead and reduce the average time to conversion of a new lead through email.

Retention Flows: Replenishment Flow, Cross-Sell Flow, Winback Flow


  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Increase repeat customer rate
  • Reduce lapsed customer rate 

We used retention flows to increase overall customer retention. The Replenishment Flow focused on increasing the repeat customer rate by reminder customers to place their next order. The Cross-Sell Flow increased customer lifetime value by getting customers bought into multiple Red Clay products. Lastly, the Winback Flow targeted customers who were at risk of churn by offering a discount off their next product and recommending other products they might love.