Will you be our partner?

Here’s what we’ve found to be elements of our most successful partnerships with our clients

Committed to communication

You’ll always get a response from us within 24 hours and have regular calls for reporting and planning. Because communication is key.

Open to collaboration

The best partnerships have trust at its core. We want to collaborate with you by bringing our expertise & skill sets to the table so we can work together!

Looking for a true partner

We want to know what you’re planning and challenges you’re facing in the business so we can support you best.

Knows what success means

We can do anything, but not everything (at the same time). Giving our team clarity on what defines success for you sets us up for success!

A white-glove service built for success.

We’ve planned every part of your client experience so you know you’re in good hands.

Discovery Call

On our 30-minute discovery call, you’ll speak with one of our retention & lifecycle marketing experts to learn more about your business & determine how we can support your growth.

Free Audit & Strategy Development

On our 90-minute call, we’ll show you how well your account is performing, areas of opportunity, and our unique approach to email marketing strategy to grow your account.

In-Depth Onboarding

Our 4-6 week onboarding trains our team to know your brand inside & out, to develop a custom-made strategy roadmap and creative.

6-Step Email Production Process

Our tried & true production process is built to remove you from the day-to-day while ensuring you always have line of sight and our team is set up to deliver with excellence.

Ongoing Partnership

Our team is trained to be true partners as you grow your business with same-day response times, weekly status updates, and agile project management to handle all the changes that come with growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions we get pretty often from clients just like you.

Why don’t you offer a la carte services?

We’ve tried it. But we found that to effectively build & execute a retention and lifecycle marketing strategy that actually creates results, we need all teams working together and aligned on the end result. Providing only a single service doesn’t allow us to do our best work and won’t get you the results you want.

What’s different about Longplay?

Most marketing agencies for e-commerce brands are specialized in paid acquisition such as Facebook & Google ads. They have “retention & lifecycle marketing” or “email marketing” as a line item on their list of services to generate extra revenue from their clients. 

But for Longplay, it’s all that we do. We’re uniquely specialized in a critical area of e-commerce growth that most agencies only dabble in.

Why do we need a retention & lifecycle marketing agency?

Because retaining your customers, keeping them engaged, and increasing their lifetime value is one of the highest ROI decisions you could make for your business.

What is a full-service team? What roles?

You’ll get assigned a project manager, creative director, lifecycle marketing strategist, copywriter, designer, and Klaviyo expert. We work as an extension of your internal team day-to-day, communicate with you through Slack, and offload email & SMS management from your team completely.

How many clients do team members work on?

We have a uniquely high team to client ratio and we like to keep it that way so we can deliver the highest quality of service for each client. Our team members work on anywhere between 5-7 clients individually so they have the space to know each brand inside & out.

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Josh Friedman
In preparation for Black Friday and the holiday season, Longplay did a great job helping us to create a strategic and comprehensive email strategy. We had a lot we were trying to accomplish and offer customers, with specific offers targeting different kinds of customer segments. Longplay not only executed but helped refine which customers to target, when, and how best to get their attention. The team was able to provide both a significant amount of strategic support as well as the ability to independently execute. We would not have had the same level of success without them.

Josh Friedman

VP of Growth and Marketing, Dr. Squatch
Tina Anderson
I cannot recommend Longplay strongly enough! They’re brilliant at email marketing and are uber organized. Our list has grown exponentially and our conversions from emails even more. They have created all of the email sequences that are necessary so that we are always communicating effectively with our customers. I wish I had found Longplay years ago!

Tina Anderson

Founder & CEO, Just Thrive