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We’re an agency started by DTC e-commerce executives to be the retention & lifecycle marketing partner for DTC e-commerce brands we couldn’t find. Unlike most agencies, our retention & lifecycle marketing services aren’t an afterthought... it’s all that we do. So we do it right.

Our three pillar approach to excellence in e-commerce strategy, beautifully-designed creative, and project management allows us to be the partner you can trust.

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Tired of a strategy that’s just about “getting some emails out”? We start by conducting an in-depth audit and developing a custom strategy unique to your business goals & customers to build an effective email & SMS strategy that nurtures, converts, and retains more customers.



Every brand is unique and your emails should be too. Our team develops high-quality, creative emails optimized for conversions. And don’t worry, you won’t find any templates here! Each email is custom created for your brand to create an incredible customer experience.



Great ideas only matter if they’re executed. Our operations team works with you as an extension of your internal team to ensure world-class execution while saving you time and allowing us to be agile as your business evolves.

In my time here at Longplay Brands I have experienced exponential growth for myself and my team members. I have experienced more empowerment and support than I thought possible, all while knowing I am doing meaningful and impactful work.

Not only does our leadership intentionally look for and bring on dynamic clients who are socially conscious, but they hold our culture and values at the core of every decision. That has created a culture of adaptability, transparency, and a familial level love with and between all team members.

I started as a team lead, and was given the opportunity to be supported in building my leadership and change management skills. But I quickly became excited about growing into more. Through the training, empowerment and support that I was provided, I was able to be grown into an Operations Manager and Head of HR.

I have not found in my life a better place to work that truly espouses to strong core values and infuses those values into every work day. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work here!!

Alex Besoi

Operations Manager & HR

Playing The Long Game


Do It Right The First Time

The only way to move fast and scale is to do things right the first time. We don’t believe in doing things halfway or going through the motions.


Earn Trust Through Transparency

Our team works with you as an extension of your internal team and that means we need trust all around, so you can take a step back and we can do our best work.


Find Great People & Keep Them Around

Unlike most agencies who take a "churn & burn" approach with their teams, we believe great people are hard to find. So when we do, we invest in them.

See how we live these values

The Dream Team

Meet the people you’ll have in your corner.


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The Dream Team

Jess Chan is the founder & CEO of Longplay.

Jess Chan

Jess Chan

Founder - CEO

Longplay began with seeing the massive gap in retention & lifecycle marketing strategies and services for DTC e-commerce brands.

Within 18 months after launch, she scaled Longplay to over $1M in annual revenue. Since then, we have grown to a fully distributed team of 20+ and is on track to double business growth in 2022. This growth has been through word of mouth, by consistently prioritizing the client experience & service quality -- one vertical at a time.

As a previous CMO of a multi-million dollar e-commerce company, Jess continues to innovate around the needs she saw in the industry: a white- glove client experience and a strategic approach to achieving retention & lifecycle marketing goals.

Her background in risk modelling, statistics & behavioural economics, have allowed her to build a unique, sustainable and scalable model to approach business, for both clients and Longplay. She works with her team to continuously expand the company’s product & services rolling out in 2022 to further support DTC e-commerce brands in retention & lifecycle marketing.

She is most proud of the sustainable growth Longplay has achieved while upholding our core values, creating an incredible client experience, and an empowered team environment for growth.

She has been sought after as a speaker, podcast guest, consultant & course creator in the areas of: DTC e-commerce marketing, retention & lifecycle marketing and progressive agency business modelling.

You can get to know more about her and her work through her feature in Entrepreneur & her personal blog. She has spoken at DX3, Affiliate Summit, Digital Growth Summit and Founder.



COO & Partner

Featured in Fortune Magazine for her depth of understanding in high-level operations, specifically the COO role. She has a passion and ability to rapidly diagnose systemic issues, increase profit margins and most importantly care for her team and people. As she has functioned as the COO/Head of Ops for several brands, she specializes in growing and nurturing e-commerce brands and their people.



Operations Manager - HR


Jr. Project Manager - Team Lead


Design Team Lead


Associate Creative Director - Associate Strategist


Jr. Designer


Jr. Designer


Sr. Analyst




Sr. Implementor


Assistant Project Manager
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Wholesome Culture
“Longplay is a pleasure to work with. Beyond having regularly scheduled calls and working effectively through project management platforms, they were open and willing to jump onto calls with us at any time to make sure that our needs were being met. They took the time to continually implement A/B testing to determine the best methods for continually keeping our customers actively engaged. The Longplay team is courteous and works to meet the goals of each client."

Kirsten Pohle

Director of Operations & Product, Wholesome Culture
Red Clay
First and foremost, the Longplay team is incredible to work with. They’ve helped us navigate and execute strategic pivots, from new product launches to last-minute promotions, and we felt supported in each step of the way. From strategy to creative, they provided top-quality service. But on top of that, the revenue we gained from our partnership Longplay speaks for itself. In just 60 days we saw an over 30% increase in business revenue from our email marketing efforts. By opening up and optimizing this channel, they’ve helped us build a list of loyal fans and engaged new customers!

Molly Fienning

Founder & CEO, Red Clay Hot Sauce
Ojai Energetics
Longplay has been critical for driving revenue growth at Ojai Energetics. Even after just the first few months of working together, we saw major results with regard to our revenue and our list engagement. Longplay hit the ground running owning all our email marketing strategy. As a CBD brand, we have a limited number of digital channels to grow our ecommerce business and Longplay’s email strategy has been a critical part of that growth. I’d recommend anyone who’s looking to grow their ecommerce business to work with them!

Will Kleidon

Founder & CEO, Ojai Energetics
ICONIC Protein
“The Longplay team has been amazing to work with. Not only have they helped to better foster relationships with our customers, drive incremental revenue for the business, and increase conversion rates through email, their team has been nothing short of outstanding! The Longplay team takes the time to fully understand your brand - everything from your unique selling points to your brand voice, they truly care about representing your brand in its most authentic way. As an emerging brand, we are very thoughtful about who we bring on as partners. As we began our relationship with Longplay, we knew right away they'd fit right into our ICONIC family! We are beyond pleased with the investment in Longplay.”

Emily Stubler

Director Of Marketing, ICONIC Protein
Brute Force
"Working with Longplay was literally the difference maker in my brand’s survival. I purchased the company as a turnaround project, and revenues were quickly falling when we engaged Longplay. Their fast work and expertise quickly cemented email as our most profitable channel. Adding in multiple variations of different flows was really a game changer for us because this is an excellent way to increase conversion on already paid-for traffic. The team at Longplay delivers on time and best of all does not require significant oversight or hand-holding. As we like to say in the military, they are truly a fire and forget solution."

Mike Brown

CEO, Brute Force
Popov Leather
Longplay really understood Popov Leather’s brand from the start and crafted emails that were a breath of fresh air. From strategic thinking to high-quality creative and their level of Klaviyo sophistication (such as A/B testing), Longplay exceeded my expectations. They understand the customer journey, and it shows in their work. The cherry on the top is how fun and easy their team is to work with! I enjoy our bi-weekly calls and appreciate their responsiveness to all my emails. Longplay really nailed our email, which freed our team to concentrate on other areas of our business. It’s hard to find an agency that delivers results and is a pleasure to work with; I feel lucky to know them.


From Popov Leather
Dr. Squatch
In preparation for Black Friday and the holiday season, Longplay did a great job helping us to create a strategic and comprehensive email strategy. We had a lot we were trying to accomplish and offer customers, with specific offers targeting different kinds of customer segments. Longplay not only executed but helped refine which customers to target, when, and how best to get their attention. The team was able to provide both a significant amount of strategic support as well as the ability to independently execute. We would not have had the same level of success without them.

Josh Friedman

VP of Growth and Marketing, Dr. Squatch
Just Thrive
I cannot recommend Longplay strongly enough! They’re brilliant at email marketing and are uber organized. Our list has grown exponentially and our conversions from emails even more. They have created all of the email sequences that are necessary so that we are always communicating effectively with our customers. I wish I had found Longplay years ago!

Tina Anderson

Founder & CEO, Just Thrive

Frequently Asked Question

Here are a few of the questions we get pretty often from clients just like you.

Why don’t you offer a la carte services?

We’ve tried it. But we found that to effectively build & execute a retention and lifecycle marketing strategy that actually creates results, we need all teams working together and aligned on the end result. Providing only a single service doesn’t allow us to do our best work and won’t get you the results you want.

What’s different about Longplay?

Most marketing agencies for e-commerce brands are specialized in paid acquisition such as Facebook & Google ads. They have “retention & lifecycle marketing” or “email marketing” as a line item on their list of services to generate extra revenue from their clients. 

But for Longplay, it’s all that we do. We’re uniquely specialized in a critical area of e-commerce growth that most agencies only dabble in.

Why do we need a retention & lifecycle marketing agency?

Because retaining your customers, keeping them engaged, and increasing their lifetime value is one of the highest ROI decisions you could make for your business.

What is a full-service team? What roles?

You’ll get assigned a project manager, creative director, lifecycle marketing strategist, copywriter, designer, and Klaviyo expert. We work as an extension of your internal team day-to-day, communicate with you through Slack, and offload email & SMS management from your team completely.

How many clients do team members work on?

We have a uniquely high team to client ratio and we like to keep it that way so we can deliver the highest quality of service for each client. Our team members work on anywhere between 5-7 clients individually so they have the space to know each brand inside & out.