Turn your email marketing channel into a scalable, sustainable source of revenue.

Our custom-built, automated flows help brands nurture, convert & retain more customers.

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Does this sound like you?

Here are what our clients often come to us saying...

“We’re sending out campaigns regularly but our flows have been neglected.”

“We’re getting ready to scale and we want to make sure we have a strategy to convert and retain customers”

“We’re getting decent revenue from flows but they’re outdated and not aligned with our brand”

“We have flow emails but they’re not strategic and not a great customer experience”

“We’re driving a lot of leads and acquiring customers but have a low conversion and retention rate”

“We have the basics set up but want to take it to the next level with better customer segmentation and personalized customer journeys”

Automate your revenue

Our white-glove service ensures you have all the flows you need to scale your brand.

Step 1


Our in-depth onboarding process allows our team to do a deep dive on your brand, build a custom strategy & collect all the information/assets we need to ensure that the execution phase is seamless.

Step 2

Flow Strategy

Our team works with you to determine your main customer journeys, the flows your business needs to scale sustainably.

Step 3

Email Creation

Our 6-step flow development process covers everything from flow map development & strategy, to creative and deployment.

Email & SMS Popup Setup

3-Month Email Marketing Calendar Planning

Email Flow Mapping

QA & Platform Testing

Flow Segmentation

ESP Setup & Migration

Customer Journey Mapping

Email Coding & Deployment

Template Development

Playing The Long Game

Welcome Flows

Introduce new leads to your brand & products to convert them to their first purchase

Browse Abandonment Flows

Educate and convert customers who view products on site

Add To Cart Flows

Address buyer objections and convert customers who add a product to cart but don’t complete checkout

Abandoned Cart Flows

Create urgency and convert customers who don’t complete checkout

Post-Purchase Nurture Flows

Turn customers into raving fans and increase LTV with a relationship-driven post-purchase nurture journey

Post-Purchase Upsell Flows

Increase your repeat purchase rate with effective upsells after purchase

Replenishment Flows

Keep customers coming back by reminding them to replenish their purchase

Cross-Sell Flows

Increase repeat purchase rate and product adoption by introducing and converting customers on new products

Winback Flows

Increase customer lifetime value and retain customers for longer

Birthday & Anniversary Flows

Celebrate your VIPs with relationship-driven content and offers on birthdays and anniversaries

Review & Referral Flows

Generate more reviews & incentivize referrals to turn your customers into your best marketing channel

VIP & Loyalty Program Flows

Promote your loyalty program, increase membership, and encourage customers to redeem rewards to turn your best customers into raving fans

I cannot recommend Longplay enough! As a small and scrappy DTC e-commerce brand, it's imperative that we can ensure our customer journey is consistent throughout each engagement point. Working with Longplay is the equivalent of creating the best sales person ever to tell your story 24/7 without you having to say a word. 

Longplay helps ensure that we can make money while we sleep that 100% justifies the initial investment. We really enjoyed working with the team and how we got everything we needed in a timely manner and how the team treated Anact as if it was their own. Jess is a genius and great at running ideas past or problem solving issues as they arise. 

We plan to work with Longplay in the future and would recommend them to anyone looking to invest in their email marketing!

Brianna Kilcullen

Founder & CEO of Anact

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