Longplay x Dr. Squatch

How to generate $300,000+ during Black Friday

Learn how we used customer segmentation & leveraged flows to drive higher conversions with messaging that would resonate best with each of their audiences.


Higher AOV


Total promotion revenue from email 

Dr. Squatch is an all-natural men’s personal care direct to consumer brand. Their mission is to bring men the highest quality, natural, and healthy alternatives to cheap and harmful mass-produced personal care products. They transform men’s shower experience by providing an affordable, natural soap and hair care products that leaves them smelling and feeling like a renewed man. 

"In preparation for Black Friday and the holiday season, Longplay did a great job helping us to create a strategic and comprehensive email strategy. We had a lot we were trying to accomplish and offer customers, with specific offers targeting different kinds of customer segments. Longplay not only executed but helped refine which customers to target, when, and how best to get their attention. The team was able to provide both a significant amount of strategic support as well as the ability to independently execute. We would not have had the same level of success without them."
Josh Friedman,Chief Marketing Officer, Dr. Squatch


As a quickly scaling 9-figure brand, Black Friday 2019 was their biggest promotion yet. They had a complex set of offers designed to increase customer average order value which included 5 limited-time product bundles, 1 new bundle/product launch, and 5 build-your-own-bundle offers with tiered discounts and free gifts. 

We built an email marketing strategy focused on driving revenue, to develop and communicate the complex offer structure with messaging that would resonate best with each audience.


  • 52.5% higher AOV
  • 26% of total promotion revenue from email 



The campaign strategy segmented their list into three key audiences, each with unique messaging and offer objectives:

  1. Non-Purchasers

Non-purchasers are less familiar with the brand or have objections that have been unaddressed. Black Friday is the perfect time to leverage savings and urgency to convert non-purchasers who are price sensitive or haven’t made the leap to purchase yet. Since they haven’t purchased before, they’re less likely to purchase a high-ticket offer so we focused these campaigns on highlighting the lower-tiered bundles with lower prices. For product recommendations, we featured best-sellers and also reminded customers of the Satisfaction Guarantee to overcome any purchase objections and create a more frictionless buying experience.

  1. Purchasers

Purchasers are more familiar with the brand so for this segment we focused on highlighting the bundles that were priced higher but also offered higher discounts. Since Dr. Squatch also had a build-your-own bundle option, we positioned the offer as the chance to stock up on their favorite products and focused on cross-selling them into trying new products. 

  1. Subscribers

The messaging and offer structure for subscribers was similar to the purchasers’ messaging since this segment is familiar with the brand. However, focusing too much on the “stocking up” messaging created a risk of increased subscription cancellations after the promotion period. So instead, the campaigns focused more on cross-selling them on new products or purchasing gifts for the holidays, rather than % savings.  


Creating custom flows during the promotion period optimizes conversion rates and average order value. The two flows we built were the Abandoned Cart and Post-Purchase Upsell since they are a direct and critical part of a customer’s purchase journey. 

While we had Abandoned Cart & Post-Purchase Upsell flows live normally, they didn’t fit into a cohesive customer experience during the promotion period since the email timing would not be aligned with the promotion and the messaging wouldn’t mention the urgency of the ongoing promotion. 

For the Abandoned Cart Flow, we modified the existing flow by:

  1. Reducing the length of the flow to be more effective during the promotion period
  2. Adding an extra email scheduled to send on the last day of the promotion to anyone who still had an abandoned cart 
  3. Added reminders of the promotion end date and offers in each email to add urgency
  4. Extra mentions of Sudisfaction Guarantee for first-time customers to reduce purchase friction
  5. Split the flow for first-time and repeat customers for a more customized experience 

For the Post-Purchase Upsell Flow, we chose a “Spend $X, get Y free” offer with a bundle exclusive to the promotion period. The strategy was to get a second purchase from customers during the promotion period and given that it was also close to the holiday season (and stats show more customers are doing holiday shopping during Black Friday), the bundle would make a perfect holiday gift as well.

We also added a reminder of ways they could spend $X with the ongoing Black Friday promotions.