Longplay x ICONIC Protein

How we increased a protein brand’s email revenue by 300% 

See how we conducted a customer lifecycle audit to identify growth opportunities for conversion rate, LTV, campaign content & flows to increase Iconic Protein's email revenue by 300%.

How we increased a protein brand’s email revenue by 300% 

ICONIC Protein is a premium, grass-fed, protein powder brand on a mission to provide customers with clean, high-protein foods to help them feel nourished and energized all day long. 

Prior to working with Longplay, ICONIC Protein knew email could be a high-revenue channel and were sending one-off promotional campaigns and informational blogs. However, they didn’t have a sustainable, growth-oriented strategy to convert more customers through automated flows and regular, weekly campaigns. 

We conducted a full audit of their account to map out their customer journey, find the gaps to improve customer conversion and lifetime value, and gather insights from previous high-performing campaigns to build a strategic email marketing infrastructure that would provide ICONIC Protein with a consistent, high-growth, revenue-generating channel.

How We Did It

ESP Migration

We started by migrating from Mailchimp to Klaviyo, which is an ESP built for e-commerce. Through their extensive customer data metrics and conditional logic features, Klaviyo allowed us to fully optimize their customer journey based on products viewed, purchase behaviour, and customer properties. Throughout the migration process, the priority was to ensure no customer data or email analytics were lost and all email content from flows were preserved.

Weekly Content Campaigns

ICONIC Protein was already producing highly valuable blog content but it wasn’t being effectively monetized. We implemented weekly content campaigns to monetize their blog and generate a higher ROI for the time and resources spent on content creation. 

Content campaigns allowed us to leverage their blog content to provide value to customers, stay top-of-mind through weekly touchpoints, and educate customers on the product and brand. Using recipes allows us to educate customers on how to incorporate more ICONIC Protein into their day to be both an effective sales and value-adding strategy


Prior to working with Longplay, ICONIC Protein already knew the importance of using automated flows and had set up a few key emails including a single Welcome email, a discount offer to incentivize customers on their first purchase, and a follow-up email after purchase asking for a review. 

However, there were key gaps in the customer journey that resulted in lost revenue. Customers who abandoned their cart or were at risk of churn didn’t have dedicated email flows to win them back. Similarly, new leads and new customers received minimal product and brand education when they first subscribed or purchased - which meant that only high-intent customers were being converted.

Working with their team to understand customer desires and objections, we built an email flow strategy containing 10 flows that covered their entire customer journey. This strategy included:

  1. Extending their Welcome Flow

Prior to working with us, ICONIC had a single Welcome email for new leads. We extended their Welcome Flow to 18 emails which educated and nurtured customers who weren’t ready to convert right from the start or had objections/questions that needed to be addressed. 

  1. Created a Winback Flow

The purpose of a Winback Flow is to increase a customer’s lifetime value and reduce a brand’s churn. By reaching out to customers when they’re at risk of churn, we’re able to increase customer retention. The Winback Flow quickly became one of ICONIC’s highest revenue-generating flows, making up 10-25% of their total flow revenue.

  1. Created a Post-Purchase Nurture Flow

One of the key strategies to increase customer lifetime value and retention is to ensure customers have a positive first-purchase experience AND build a habit to regularly consume your product which will allow for repurchase. We created a post-purchase nurture flow to improve the customer experience and educate customers on how/when to use ICONIC Protein.