Longplay x Just Thrive

How we increased total sales by 34.57% for a supplement brand with email marketing

See how Longplay to built and executed an email marketing strategy with the goal of growing a new revenue stream for Just Thrive which led to a 34.57% increase in business sales within 90 days.


Over $33,000 generated from a 2-day flash sale


of revenue during the promotion came from email

Just Thrive is on a mission to bring health to the lives of others. Their all-natural, allergen-free supplements help people feel amazing and just thrive! Just Thrive Probiotics is the first 100% spore-forming probiotic and antioxidant supplement that arrives 100% alive in your intestines.

Prior to working with Longplay, Just Thrive had built up a sizable email list and sent one-off campaigns but didn’t have a strategy in place. Just Thrive approached Longplay to build and execute an email marketing strategy with the goal of growing a new revenue stream and monetizing their email list. 

Within 3 weeks, they saw a full return on their investment and our email campaigns increased sales by 16%, brought in over $28,000 in revenue, and average order value of orders through email were 11% higher than on site.

Within 90 days, Just Thrive saw an average of 34.57% increase in sales through the campaigns and automations we implemented.

After a year, Just Thrive now has a sustainable, revenue-generating email channel: 

  • Average % of revenue coming from email: 33.48%
  • Average open/click/purchase rates: 20.30% / 1.89% / 0.64%
  • Over 30% of their list is actively engaged
  • Over 57% of all people who join their list convert into customers within 30 days

“I cannot recommend Longplay strongly enough!  They’re brilliant at email marketing and are uber organized. Our list has grown exponentially and our conversions from emails even more. They have created all of the email sequences that are necessary so that we are always communicating effectively with our customers. I wish I had found Longplay years ago!”
Tina Anderson , Founder & CEO, Just Thrive 

How We Did It

We focused on building key awareness flows to monetize all new leads entering their email list to educate them on the brand and introduce them to Just Thrive’s products. 

Welcome Sequence

Three aspects of Just Thrive’s business shaped our strategy for the Welcome Sequence:

  1. Low SKU

Since Just Thrive only has two products, Probiotics and Vitamin K2-7, our emails focused on highlighting different aspects of the product in each email such as ingredients, health benefits, and the particular health problems it could help relieve.

  1. Heavy product sales skew

80% of their sales are from Probiotics, so we primarily focused the Welcome Sequence on selling the Probiotics. However, we developed a separate email stream within the Welcome Sequence for those who showed interest in Vitamin K2-7 by visiting its product page or clicking on links related to the product. This allowed us to focus on the product with the highest ROI without completely neglecting secondary products.

  1. Education-heavy

Just Thrive’s products naturally require more education around gut health and customers need more information around supplements compared to simpler fashion/lifestyle products. Much of our Welcome Sequence (and campaign emails) focused on educating customers around the importance of gut health and diving into what makes Just Thrive different from other probiotics.

Black Friday Promotion

The Results:

  • Over $70,000 in 4-day promotion
  • 50.96% of their total revenue came from email
  • Email had a 39% higher AOV than orders on site 
  • Abandoned Cart sequence recovered over $3,000 in revenue 
  • Orders through Abandoned Cart sequence were 14.7% higher than on site 

Longplay strategized and implemented Just Thrive’s Black Friday email campaign with a focus on increasing average order value and high revenue generation through the list. We developed a promotional campaign messaging strategy and implemented a custom Black Friday Abandoned Cart sequence.

To increase average order value, the promotional emails focused sales of 3+ bottles which also unlocked free shipping for customers. We also included more product education than usual promotional emails since a large percentage of the list were non-purchasers. This included information about the benefits and ingredients of the probiotic and customer testimonials. 

Since Just Thrive was also driving a lot of new traffic to the site through paid ads, we helped them capitalize on the new leads by implementing a custom Black Friday Abandoned Cart sequence to convert leads who weren’t as familiar with the brand during the promotion period. 

New Year’s Flash Sale

The Results:

  • Over $33,000 generated from a 2-day flash sale
  • 56.23% of revenue during the promotion came from email

We ran a 2-day New Year’s Flash Sale for Just Thrive to monetize the new growth of customers and leads acquired during the Black Friday and holiday period. The goal was to turn new customers into repeat customers and increase customer lifetime value. 

We focused the messaging of the campaign on the motivation and focus on health most people feel at the beginning of the year. Since we were focusing on customers who’ve already had a chance to try the product, these Flash Sale emails had less information about the product and focused much more on urgency.