Longplay x Lights Lacquer

How To Engage & Convert Customers Between Promotions With Newsletters

How Longplay created #TBT (Throwback Thursday) newsletters for Lights Lacquer to generate consistent campaign revenue between promotions & product launches

Lights Lacquer is a nail lacquer company built on creative, fun colors, collections, and shade names. Founded by influencer Kathleen Lights, one of the unique elements of Lights Lacquer is their focus on their community of customers and how they’ve built a base of raving fans through their collaborations and creative launches. 

Prior to working with Longplay, Lights Lacquer’s campaign revenue was entirely dependent on major promotions and product launches which made up a major portion of their email strategy. Outside of promotions and product launches, there were few regular emails being sent. 

Longplay launched #TBT (Throwback Thursday) newsletters as a way to regularly build a relationship with customers outside of promotions and product launches, and represent the company’s core value to engage in fun conversations with their customers while staying relevant to current trends. 

Each #TBT newsletter was focused on starting a conversation with their customers and giving customers a reason to get excited to receive Lights Lacquer emails. 

#TBT newsletter featured a throwback theme to create a feeling of nostalgia or highlighted a current trend to join in on the conversation their customers were already having. They also connected to different Lights Lacquer shades to promote products as well.

#TBT newsletters also became a way to keep the excitement of new promotions and product launches going longer by providing a different way to push products in a unique and interesting way.

For example:

#TBT Nostalgic Summer Trends

The newsletter highlighted throwback summer trends throughout the years and featured the new Sweet As Summer Collection launch

#TBT Classic Murder Mysteries

The newsletter highlighted classic murder mystery movies that are fan favourites to promote the Who Did It Collection launch.

#TBT Fall Drinks

The newsletter joined the conversation on social media in the transition to fall and “Pumpkin Spice Latte” season to feature fall shades paired with customers’ favorite classic fall drinks.

#TBT Twilight

The newsletter supported Lights Lacquer’s brand of staying relevant to social trends when the Twilight movies were trending on Netflix in 2020