Longplay x Ojai Energetics

How we grew a CBD brand’s email revenue by 639% in 60 days

See how we built Ojai Energetic's email marketing channel to generate 33% of their business revenue & double their repeat purchase rate.


Average % of revenue coming from email


Reduced unengaged list from 74% to 34% 

Ojai Energetics is the fastest acting, most bioavailable CBD on the market. They’re on a mission to help the people and the planet by providing effective and clean CBD products and other cannabis related technologies; They are the first Public Benefit Corporation in the CBD market. 

Prior to working with Longplay, Ojai Energetics had sent a few campaigns but had no email marketing strategy set up. So for the first 2 months, we focused solely on building Ojai Energetics’ automated flows to build an amazing customer experience and an automated revenue stream that would scale with them as they grew. 

“Longplay has been critical for driving revenue growth at Ojai Energetics. Even after just the first few months of working together, we saw major results with regard to our revenue and our list engagement. Longplay hit the ground running owning all our email marketing strategy. As a CBD brand, we have a limited number of digital channels to grow our ecommerce business and Longplay’s email strategy has been a critical part of that growth. I’d recommend anyone who’s looking to grow their ecommerce business to work with them!”
Will Kleidon ,Founder & CEO, Ojai Energetics


+ 689% 

Unengaged List

- 57%

Prior To Working With Longplay:

  • Average % of revenue coming from email: 5.86%

After 2 months with Longplay: 

  • Average % of revenue coming from email: 33%
  • Average open/click/purchase rates: 28.23% / 6.25% / 0.85%
  • Reduced unengaged list from 74% to 34% 
  • Doubled the number of repeat purchasers

How We Did It

Over the course of 2 months, we built the following flows:

Welcome Flow

Goal: Increase the conversion rate of their list

We identified the key elements that make Ojai Energetics CBD unique and conducted research to identify the frequently asked questions and objections to incorporate into the Welcome Flow.

Abandoned Cart

Goal: Convert potential customers who’ve shown buyers intent

We used extensive social proof and authority-building elements, as well as a limited-time offer at the end of the flow to add urgency to make this one their highest converting flows. 

Replenishment Flow

Goal: Increase customer lifetime value and repeat customer rate

We used strategically timed emails to target customers during their customer journey to remind them to purchase their next bottle of CBD before they ran out.

Winback Flow

Goal: Increase customer lifetime value and reduce lapsed customer rate

We focused on addressing some of the reasons customers would stop purchasing and tested offers to build one of their highest revenue-generating and long-term value flows.

Cross-Sell Flow

Goal: Increase customer lifetime value

We used this flow to further incorporate customers into the Ojai Energetics brand and ecosystem. We focused heavily on product usage and lifestyle content to educate customers on how to incorporate more Ojai Energetics into your life through multiple products.

Discount Offer

Goal: Convert non-purchasers 

We used this flow to convert customers who have been educated and nurtured on the brand and the products but still haven’t purchased.